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Updated 21st June 2016


Contrary to popular belief, the churchyard grass does not cut itself! 

This is what the lone grass cutter looks like.

Barry is very pleased with his new mower as it does the job much quicker !!

And a very nice job he makes of it too!


On 22nd June 2014 one of the last tasks John did before he retired was to bless the new Bede Chapel rails.  These were comissioned by Gladys Dobson and dedicated to her greatgrandchildren, Abigail, Emily, Evie, Isla, Helen and Dylan.

After realising how helpful the rails in the main nave were for people who had difficulty negotiating the steps, she decided that, as the Tuesday Communion Service was held in the Bede Chapel, that too should have rails.

And very nice they look too...  Thank you Gladys.

Gladys making sure John gets it right !

The new rails in place

Both sides

In Memory of Rachel Dixon

Rachel Dixon, who was a faithful member of St Mary's congregation, passed away recently.  She was a very popular lady who liked nothing better than mixing with young people.  Rachel, up until her recent illness, used to play the piano for the 10.30am Worship 4All Service. 

Hannah Walters, who attended the10.30am service, has, in Rachel's memory, handmade a beautiful cloth book, depicting different aspects of St Mary's.

It is on display at the back of the church for all to see, and a very fitting memorial to Rachel.

Thank you Hannah. 

In June 2013 new pew runners were fitted to all the pews in the main Nave and Choir stalls.

There is a link to the firm's website on the Links page... where you can see more photos.

As part of a legacy left by the late Gracie Spafford, this beautiful cream and gold table frontal has been made to be used at weddings for the signing of the register.  Our thanks go to the Spafford family.


           "In Memory of
      Gracie Spafford 2011"

Views of St Mary's in the snow taken 12th February 2009

For those observant amongst you.... what's missing from the above photo ??

Photograph courtesy of 

                                                          View from the South East showing the original 1874 church with new extension to the North. 

 Bellcot  housing one small bell


View of West End of Church       


                                                               Looking down the Nave towards the Chancel

   Bede Chapel.    This was the Chancel of the 1874 church


The large West window shows Christ the King reigning from the cross.  His right hand shows two fingers in a gesture of blessing the people.  He wears a kingly crown, and coming down on his head from large cupped hands of God is the flame of the Holy Spirit.  The window was made by Hugh Powell

     The West Window

The Baptistry window is a modern window designed and made by Ann Sotheran of York.  The design is based on a double spiral, the spiral of life in which the church and the people are inextricably linked together through Baptism.  It can also be seen as a deep well, with ripples spreading out from the centre. 

                                                                                              Baptistry Window

The centre panel of this window shows Mary, wearing a blue cloak, holding high the infant Christ to bless the world.  On the left is St Aiden, who was sent to revive Christian missionary work in Northumbria.  On the right is the Venerable Bede who lived most of his life in the monastery at Jarrow.  The designer of the window was Gerald E. R Smith and was installed by Elders, Walker & Co Ltd of Gateshead.

                         The East Window

Church floor renewal November - December 2010

Removing the pews in the nave.

Lifting the old wooden blocks.

First of the new blocks being laid.

First half of the main nave wooden blocks fitted.

And this is how its done!


Main nave blocks finished and preparing for sanding.

First coat of pollish applied.

The Bede blocks all laid and sanded.  Applying the first coat of polish.

Unpolished - polished!

The Bede Chapel fully polished.

Font in a sea of new blocks.

Replacement of pews in the Bede.

View of the main nave looking East. All pews replaced, awaiting the big clean !

View from the Chancel steps.  All finished.

All ready for Sunday morning services!!

Michael and Dave - experts in their field!!

  Unless otherwise stated, Photographs are copyright of the Editors of "Parish News"